{10 on 10} April

Our Sunday, March 30:  shopping, resting, fishing boats, birthday brunch, flying, laundry, homework, practice, Scouting for Food, brown-eyed girl Thanks for looking! Please continue through the circle with a visit to Sherri’s blog. Advertisements

{10 on 10} February

Our Saturday, February 1, the day prior to SuperBowl Sunday: play date for Little Miss, Pinewood Derby car weigh-in, Subway lunch, local Lego building event, and night shooting on Alki beach to capture some of the Seahawks 12th Man spirit in the Seattle skyline. I hope you’ll continue through the blog circle to see some […]

{321 and 322/365} love and needle work

I spent part of my day yesterday photographing friends at Olympic Sculpture Park. We chose the location because it was raining. But when we got there, the sun couldn’t be any brighter. Instead of rain, we were dealing with harsh light and some crazy wind. But I love this one of the two of them. […]