{Monthly Challenge} creating drama with light

I love this time of year and the holiday season. All the decorations made a perfect subject for this month’s photography challenge. Please continue on through the blog circle, starting with Lisa Jones, to see her take on this month’s challenge. Make sure to come back and visit this same time next month for our […]

{Monthly Challenge} phone photography

Time for another blog circle challenge! This past month, our group focused on Phone Photography. This was super challenging for me as I don’t have an iPhone or a phone that has any kind of manual controls. In fact, most of the pictures that come from my phone have ridiculous white balance, grain and unintentional […]

{Monthly Challenge} shallow depth of field

This month’s photography challenge is “Shallow Depth of Field” — one of my favorite techniques and styles of shooting. I love how a shallow depth of field can separate your subject from the background or otherwise bring focus to an important detail. I tackled this challenge by focusing on eyes and mud with a wide […]