{10 on 10} August

This month’s Ten on Ten (10 photos posted on the 10th of the month) is from our Saturday, August 9. We enjoyed a lazy morning, a little painting, and had an adventure with a neighbor’s chickens we’re caring for over the next week. We also helped hubby get ready for today’s 100-mile Obliteride bike ride in support of the fight against cancer.

Woke up to a couple of kiddos who had snuck in during the wee hours of the morning.IMG_9218Garfield is still his favoriteIMG_9221Painting a cork board for her room
IMG_9243 Tending to a neighbor’s chickens and garden while they are away
IMG_9346IMG_9326IMG_9309IMG_9311IMG_9298IMG_9315Getting Obliteride readyIMG_9319
Please head on over to my friend Carrie’s blog (Yi Li Photography) to see her take on this month’s Ten on Ten and continue through the circle.

3 thoughts on “{10 on 10} August

  1. Davina, your kids are adorable! I’ve always wanted to know how many eggs the chicken will produce a day…a conversation to be had when we see each other soon! Looked like such a fun fun day!

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