{Monthly Challenge} put yourself in the picture

It’s not often I get my mug in front of the camera, but I know how much I cherish the pictures I have of my parents, so I try to remember to ask people to snap a picture here and there. This month’s blog circle challenge was all about getting in the frame — fitting for the final challenge in this 2013 project.

Enjoying downtown Seattle — what better time for a family picture than when you’re in a hotel elevator with mirrored doors?selfie for challengeCelebrating the start of the New Year with my family by watching the ball drop in New York on CNN. It wasn’t quite yet the New Year on the West Coast, but it was good enough for us! These were taken with my cell phone and are quite crummy looking, but I know I will love, love looking back on them. (Btw, it’s hard to get four people in the frame when you’re taking a phone selfie! I am proud of this accomplishment!)
CAM00094(Hair styling courtesy of Little Miss!)
CAM00095This one was taken by a friend yesterday during our meet-up at Dash Point State Park. It was cold, but lots of fun! So glad she snapped this of me and my babies!
Please continue on through the blog circle, one last time, starting with the lovely Stacey Brown, to see her take on this month’s challenge. As far as my ongoing photography projects go, I have scaled back quite a bit for 2014, but will be participating in a “10 on 10” blog circle where we’ll be taking a series of 10 images on one day and posting them on the 10th of each month. Should be fun!


6 thoughts on “{Monthly Challenge} put yourself in the picture

  1. It’s so fun to see the “face” with the name! Great photos! I kinda wish we had done this challenge first. Thanks so much for organizing this circle, and Happy New Year! Come see Yellowstone!

  2. Davina, you’ve been AWESOME! Thank you so much for organizing us. I’ve really enjoyed your pictures. I’m glad you have some new ones of you & your kids now too. Have a great new year!

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