{335/365} let the countdown begin!

opening advent calendarI can hardly believe it is here! With daily surprises in the advent calendar, the countdown to Christmas is almost as much fun as Christmas itself in our house. In the past, our advent calendar has been filled with trinkets, small presents and a few coveted pieces of candy. This year, we changed things up a bit to focus more on family experiences and other people, and less on *things*. When I broke the news to the kids a few weeks ago, they were less than thrilled by the idea of it “not being as much fun,” but I’m pretty sure any lingering disappointment has long since disappeared.
Day 1 collageSnowflake Lane in Bellevue was amazing. It completely exceeded all of our expectations with the stunning costumes, festive lights and the great singing and dancing show. And it was even more fun to do with cousins that we don’t get the chance to see very often. The kids are still talking about it days later. Little Miss asked if we could print out all the pictures of her posing with the characters and has since taped them all over her bedroom walls. So if you were to walk in her room, this is a sampling of what you’d see.
Day 1a collageThe most priceless moments of the night came when the “snow” started falling. Just look at these faces and the enthusiasm!
Snow CollageSo. Much. Fun! Well, since I’ve already over shared, what’s it going to hurt to share a few more of my favorites from the night?
Day 1 collage of randomnessWe really couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off our 25 days of Christmas.


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