{329 to 331/365} giving thanks

This week has been all about giving thanks in various forms, with a little holiday decorating thrown in for fun.

Little Man’s teacher asked all the parents to secretly write letters to their 1st grader. She distributed them to students today following their Thanksgiving performance of “A Native American Welcome.” (Of course, I grabbed pictures before sending it in to his teacher.)
Letter to Jack1 Letter to Jack2We pulled down some of the Christmas decorations from the attic last night. Trying out a new location for our big wreath — the keeper of the holiday cards and Christmas wishes. The lights were so pretty, I just had to get a shot for my picture of the day.
wreathAnd a couple shots from today’s dramatic performance I mentioned above put on by Little Man and his classmates. It was pretty darn cute. Little Man played two silent roles — an Indian and a pilgrim sowing wheat.
Jack in PlayThanksgiving playWhen Little Man came home after school, he surprised us with his own letter of thankfulness for mom and dad. Love! I’m so glad he’s thankful for the food we make, haha!
Letter from JackHappy Thanksgiving!!!


One thought on “{329 to 331/365} giving thanks

  1. So cute! But should we be worried he left out being thankful for Maggie? 😉 See you tomorrow. We’ll be there about 9:30 with the Robinsons in tow.

    Happy Turkey Day!

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