{323/365} bobcat ceremony

So proud of my hubby and little man. On Tuesday, we all went to the Cub Scouts pack meeting, for it was a big night — the Bobcat Ceremony. There’s a whole lotta chaos, but it was sure fun. I mean, in addition to the big ceremony, which came at the end of the evening, there were crafts, marshmallow guns, packing lunches for the homeless, shelter, and even churning butter! It. Was. Pure. Fun!

First, there were crafts — turkeys and owls. Little Man chose to make a turkey. He’s pretty proud of his creation.
003Then came packing lunches and marshmallow guns. He might have thought the guns were more fun than packing lunches.
004Somewhere in there, we did the turkey cheer to celebrate one of the groups. Little Miss even gave it a try.
002Then came the ever-so-cool Bobcat Ceremony, where Little Man earned his first badges. It involved some meaningful face painting!
005Little Man with his buddy from down the street. They are proud new owners of their Bobcat and Immediate Recognition Badges.001The parents got their noses painted in return!006And I even got to jump in front of the camera thanks to my hubby. It’s a little out of focus, but I’m so thankful to be in a shot from this fun night.
007Such a super fun night. So glad my boys are doing this together. It’s going to fill their heads and hearts with memories that will last forever.


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