{Letters to our Children} November

Oh, my dear, littlest sweetheart,

I can’t believe this is my last letter to you for the year. This project has taught me how valuable it is to write down my thoughts for you from time to time, as I know I won’t remember some of the details even a short time later. And while our day-to-day life doesn’t seem to change much, if at all, when I look back over the past year, things have actually changed quite a bit.

Well, one of the details from the past few months and weeks that I want to make sure I don’t forget is your attempt to cut your own hair. Not once, but twice! Both cuts were actually quite minor (thank goodness) and it wasn’t actually that difficult to make the chopped hairs somewhat blend in with the rest, but both times you flat out denied doing it. Though, after denying multiple times that you had cut your hair the second time, I later asked you if you had used the scissors that were in your hand at that moment. You said, “no, it was the yellow ones!” You had no idea you had just confessed!

While I can’t wait for your chopped hairs to grow out, I want to remember these hair cutting experiences years from now. So I popped into your bedroom with my camera one night after you went to bed and asked if I could take some pictures of you with your new “Fairy Foals” book. You love this book and happily agreed. You were thrilled to  show me each page in the hopes that I would photograph it. But, of course, my main intention was to capture your hair chops. Mission accomplished!

Letter CollageI love your sweet face so much. Chopped hair or not, it doesn’t matter. I promise to keep writing to you in one way or another. I want you to always know what a wonderful, spirited, and kind little girl you are; and I want to be reminded of all the wonderful blips along our journey that make our relationship so wonderfully ours.

Love always,

Now please head on over to Bobbi-Jo Stuart’s blog to read her sweet letter to her sweet little Magoo. Then follow the blog circle along until you end up back here.


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