{Letters to our Children} October

Hi my Little Man,

I’m sitting here, in awe that you are turning 7 in just 8 days. So much about you already seems so grown up.

JackA couple weeks ago, we were walking home from school and, with the biggest grin on your face, you told me you had a secret. I didn’t push you, knowing you’d tell me at some point. About a minute later, you blurted out that you had a girlfriend! What?!?!?! Do you even know what boyfriend/girlfriend means? You’re only in first grade! Since when do first graders have SOs?

We talked a lot about this particular experience throughout the afternoon and over dinner. You were particularly talkative about your new girlfriend and your dad and I enjoyed watching your excitement. (I may even have videotaped one of our conversations.) The next morning, as you were getting out of the car to head to your classroom, you said with a huge grin, “I can’t wait for my second day as boyfriend and girlfriend!” While I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of boyfriend/girlfriend, my heart was filled by your innocence, kindness and anticipation — and the rare glimpse into your future.Jack3When you’re not talking about girlfriends (which is the norm), you are working hard at learning math (basic addition, primarily), reading, spelling, and writing some really amazing stories. Your dad and I just this week met with your teacher to get a progress update and hear the goals you’ve outlined for yourself this school year. You’re doing so well and we’re so very proud of you. One of your goals is to use more exciting words in your writing. I look forward to helping you find those words.

I love you so much, baby.


PS: The story of your first girlfriend ended that same day you got out of the car anticipating your second day of your new relationship. We asked you about it when you came home from school and you said with a shrug and a tilt of the head, “Uh, well, she didn’t play with me at recess, so I guess we broke up.”

Now please head on over to my friend Kristie’s blog to read her sweet letter to her beautiful little girl. Then follow the blog circle along until you end up back here.


8 thoughts on “{Letters to our Children} October

  1. So enjoyed your letter and pictures of your dear son. A treasure Davina for sure. Enjoy these years because they go by soooooooooooo fast. Thank you for sharing.

  2. hahah, love his Girlfriend comments! My son said a girl in his kindergarten class was NOT his girlfriend, but we was going to marry her!
    Kids are funny!
    Love that last image, gorgeous light!

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