{Letters to our Children} September

My Littlest Love, Sweet Girl, Baby Girl,

You tell me all the time what a big girl you are. And it’s true. Just this month, you began your first days in Pre-Kindergarten. While you are a bit hesitant about going to school three days a week (you’d much rather stay home with Mamma), you cannot wait for this year to pass so you can be a Kindergartener and attend school with your big brother.

Maggie smile - Kestrel Room collageYou look up to your brother so much. You always want to do whatever he is doing. You really wanted to be a Tiger Cub, just like him, until we informed you that it’s a boys club. So you settled for being a Girl Scout one day, and are already talking about selling cookies.

While you are growing so fast, you still do so many things that remind me you are still so small. And they warm my heart. Like, you LOVE “pasghetti” (seriously, you’d have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks too, if you could), you say “ah-hind” instead of behind, and you still sneak into bed with me most mornings to snuggle in my arms. I never get tired of any of it.

I know this year will pass much too quickly. I need to remind myself to slow down and take in every moment. Because I want to remember all the details that make up who you are forever and ever.

I love you, I love you, I love you,


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