{243/365} retake montlake

Football season is here! And the Dawgs are back home at Husky Stadium after playing at The Clink last year while the stadium was being remodeled. It’s so good to be back home! I don’t typically bring my camera to the games, but, in celebration of “Retake Montlake,” I wanted to document the first tailgate, the first look at the stadium upgrade and the first game (we played Boise State). This is certainly an overshare, but, like I said, I wanted to document the day (August 31).

We started the morning by hoisting our W flag in its holder above our garage. Our neighbors know our allegiance, but we like to share the spirit. 🙂 With tickets in hand, and the kiddos handed off, we were on our way for a 1 p.m. tailgate in the Montlake parking lot.Collage 1

Random pictures from our tailgate — love this crew! It was pretty tame overall. (We usually save the craziness for later in the year. 🙂 )

Collage 2

Our lovely crew for one last shot before we started our hike to the stadium.

Retake Montlake5

Walk to the stadium.

Collage 4

Random pictures in and around the upgraded stadium before we grabbed our seats. Seriously, we have one of the best stadium views around. Love games here!

Collage 5Game time! With a 7:30 p.m. start, we got to enjoy an amazing sunset too. The bottom picture in this series was right after our first touchdown. Can you see the ref in the end zone?

Collage 6

Final score: Huskies 38 – Boise State 6. Awesome game! The new stadium features look pretty cool at night too.

Collage 7GO DAWGS!!


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