{Monthly Challenge} motion blur

This month’s blog challenge was all about motion blur. You might think getting a little motion blur in your images is pretty easy. I think so too. I know it happens to me a fair amount when I am not holding my camera steady enough. The key to this month’s challenge, however, is to create a thoughtful image with intentional motion blur. Yep, that’s right – make motion blur look meaningful. Now that’s not always easy. I gave it my best shot though.

First up, my kids run circles around me. They’re crazy. Really, they are. That’s what this image is about. I just slowed my shutter speed a bit and tried to capture the chaos that was coming toward me.

motion blur2

I nice drive down the road. Kept my camera steady, focused on a stable subject (side mirror), slowed my shutter speed a bit and let the road-side vegetation blur in the background.

Motion Blur4

An abstract attempt. For this image, I jerked my camera quickly while taking a shot. This might be one of my favorite techniques and it’s something I play around with when light painting.

Motion Blur3

Go Huskies!! I wanted to capture our “W” flag flapping in the wind at this weekend’s tailgate for the first football game of the season. Again, a slow shutter speed and steady hand allowed me to capture the motion in the flag while keeping everything else sharp and in focus. (As a side note, the Huskies won big!)

motion blur

I hope you enjoyed this month’s images! Please continue on through the blog circle, starting with Misty Colvard, to see some other very cool Motion Blur interpretations.


3 thoughts on “{Monthly Challenge} motion blur

  1. Love your images this month. My favorite is the second one with the side view mirror. It looks like the car in the mirror is still but you can see that the car you were in was moving because of the blur of the trees. Cool picture.

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