{Letters to our Children} August

So thankful for another opportunity to write a letter to one of my children — this time my son — as part of an ongoing blog circle with several other women photographers.

Dear Little Man,

You aren’t so little anymore. You are growing into such an amazing person — everyday brings wonderful changes for you. I see so much maturity in you today. Sure, you still have your little boy moments, including a good pout here and there, especially if it involves being unhappy with your sister, but that is really few and far between these days.

I am getting a sense for your wit and humor. You love to tell jokes. They still don’t always make sense, but when they do, they are soooo good! You still love to read Garfield comics and I’ll often find you with your nose in a book chuckling to yourself as you quietly read about that naughty cat’s antics. Your other favorite things include Big Foot hunting, learning about dangerous animals (like sharks, crocodiles and poisonous insects), Legos, and dogs – especially our Lucy girl.

Jack - Letter Collage

It’s so hard to believe that in just two short weeks, you’ll be starting first grade. I am so excited for what this year will hold for you. I know you’re looking forward to seeing old friends and somewhat hesitant about meeting new ones, but you’re going to have another great year. You are truly my boy wonder!

I love you, baby,


Please continue through this blog circle starting with the amazing Jessica Thomason and her letter to her gorgeous red head!


3 thoughts on “{Letters to our Children} August

  1. Ha ha! Love the “Boy Wonder” shirt! He sounds like the sweetest little guy, and I read somewhere that boys who grow up with dogs are more compassionate!

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