{Monthly Challenge} phone photography

Time for another blog circle challenge! This past month, our group focused on Phone Photography. This was super challenging for me as I don’t have an iPhone or a phone that has any kind of manual controls. In fact, most of the pictures that come from my phone have ridiculous white balance, grain and unintentional blur. However, even with these drawbacks, I will use my phone to capture meaningful moments when my big camera isn’t readily available or too cumbersome to use. Better that then not have a picture at all!

If you know me, you know I’m not one to let a challenge pass me by, so I decided to embrace my phone’s camera on a recent road trip to Silver Falls State Park. Our car was packed full so it would have been inconvenient to use my big camera in the car anyway. The trip should have taken us a little more than 4.5 hours, but it ended up taking more than 7 due to crazy traffic. So I had ample time to do my homework. Without further ado…

Little Miss and our Fearless Driver (Little Man was on his way to the park from the opposite direction after spending a week with grandma in southern Oregon). Lucy, our dog, is in the crate in the back along with our camping gear.

collage 1

A quick stop for dinner and lots of scenery along the way.

collage 2

Impromptu hair salon session! This is one activity I never would have been able to capture with my big camera, due to the tight space and angle.

collage 3

Beautiful sunset.

collage 4

By the time we arrived at the park and found our little cabin, we were in complete darkness. It was a long trip, but soon we were all snuggled in bed and ready for a fun weekend!


Make sure to continue on through the blog circle, starting with Rebecca Francis. Youโ€™re sure to enjoy her day-in-the-life series!


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