{Letters to our Children} July

Wow, the year is already more than half over and I’m already into July with my Letters project and blog circle. I love getting the chance to sit down and think about who each of my babies are, as they are, at a given moment. This month, I’m writing to my daughter — a big personality in our home at only four years old.

My sweet girl,

You must know, you are my sunshine. I see you growing up right before my eyes in a way that I didn’t experience with your brother. You are so independent. Oh, there are many examples I could list, but the one that impresses me most at the moment is this one: I can lay out the clothes you and I have selected together before you go to bed and you’ll come downstairs the next morning wearing something completely different (all the way down to your undies!) and leave a scattering of clean clothes you considered but discarded in the process strewn all about your room. I will let you know if your selections don’t match or work for whatever reason, and you’ll always tell me “that’s ok!” While your independence (aka poor listening skills, stubbornness, etc.) causes me a fair amount of daily frustration these days, it also gives me a lot to smile about. I look forward to laughing about all the ways you demonstrate your independence at only four years old when we get the chance to come back and read these letters. (I hope I get the chance to do that with you someday, when you’re ready.)

IMG_8094 as Smart Object-1

Also at this stage in your life, you love horses. Actually, you are a complete animal lover. You can’t get enough of Raja, our 16-year-old cat, and Lucy, our new puppy. You love them so much, they are constantly irritated by your smothering ways. It’s not just live animals you love. You have so many animal toys that you treasure like gold (even the ones with broken limbs). You can spend an hour or more playing with your figurines making up long stories and scenarios.

Letter collage 1

I love watching and listening to you play. Your expressions, the voices you use, and your creativity are so fun to watch.

Letter collage 2

As I wrap up this month’s letter, know that I love that you say “I love you” often and unprompted. That I love that you always want to braid and decorate my hair. And that I love that you are super snuggley and like to cuddle.

I just simply love you. With all my heart.


Please continue through this blog circle to read more Letters to Our Children from some amazing mammas starting with Christine Lambeth. You’re sure to be inspired by her words and images.


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