{Letters to our Children} June

It’s letter time once again. This month, I’m gushing over my son and the amazing year he had as a kindergartner. Can’t believe he is already a first grader!

Hi Little Man –

I could not be more proud of you than I am right now. The accomplishments you experienced this year as a kindergartner just blow me away. You grew so much in every way possible — physically, academically and socially. Some of your notable milestones:

-You went from only reading and writing your name to reading Level 4 books and writing short stories.
-You made wonderful friendships that I imagine will last for many years to come.
-You started the school year with a mouth full of baby teeth and ended it with 6 adult teeth.
-You grew two full inches and ended the year at 51″ tall and 70 lbs.

Here you are, my handsome little man, the first and last day of school, side by side. I can’t get over how you’ve grown in just 10 months! (And I am chuckling over the fact that you’re wearing the same shirt in these pictures.)

Jack-before and after

I can’t wait to see what first grade has in store for you! But first, we’re going to have a fabulous and fun summer! I love you so much!


Please continue through this blog circle to read more Letters to Our Children from some amazing mammas starting with the lovely Carrie Yuan.  You won’t want to miss her sweet letter to her oldest daughter.


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