{Monthly Challenge} beautiful ugly

It’s challenge time again! This month, our circle of photography bloggers challenged ourselves to capture something ugly and make it look beautiful through the lens. The bulk of my shooting for this challenge took place in Greece (I know, it was really a hardship!). This first set of images was taken in Athens. Such a diverse and history-rich city, though there are certainly signs of economic hardship.

athens collage

This image is some kind of above ground vent we came across in Santorini while walking around during sunrise. It seemed out of place to me, but I thought it fitting for this challenge. There’s not much in Santorini that isn’t stunning and beautiful!

vent in greece

Finally, back at home, these nasty little guys are showing their face. I got way too close for comfort here, but it is a challenge after all, right?

bee collage

Make sure to continue on through the blog circle, starting with the wonderful Jennifer Bantle. You’re sure to be awe-struck by her take on “beautiful ugly”!


11 thoughts on “{Monthly Challenge} beautiful ugly

  1. Okay I love that chain fence! Looks so cool. And that bee!!! Eeek, looks downright scary and so awesome at the same time. You definitely got closer then I would have!

  2. All of your images are beautiful. I love the one with the praying hands. I like the ones with the hornets too. Looks like you have a very steady hand.

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