{Letters to Our Children} April

It’s letter time once again — this time to Little Miss. As I was gearing up to put this post together, she surprisingly agreed to a little photo shoot at one of our nearby parks. (Usually, she runs away from my camera. LOL) We had lots of fun!

Hi Sweet Girl–

I just got through checking in on you to make sure you were asleep and tucked in safely for the night. As I pulled your blankets up, I uncovered a large selection of your My Little Ponies, miniature horse figurines, and stuffed animals. If I had to guess, I’m pretty sure they were all special characters in your late night story telling before your eyes finally closed for the night. At 4 years old, you have an amazing love for your little animals, and a great imagination that brings them to life every chance you get.


It’s this imagination that has me intrigued. I can react with a shocked face to one of your stories and you’ll be quick to tell me, “it’s just pretend, mamma!” Then you’ll laugh one of your silly, loud laughs. One of the most delightful sounds on this Earth!

collage 1

I want to make sure you know it’s ok to believe in the magic of pretend. You don’t have to be quick to tell me that you’re just pretending. I love joining you on your imaginary adventures and hope I get the opportunity for many years to come.


I love you to the moon and back!

Love always,

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7 thoughts on “{Letters to Our Children} April

  1. What a fun little girl! All of the images are adorable and she deserves to believe in the magic of pretend. I love that you encourage it:)

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