{Monthly Challenge} interesting perspectives

This month’s challenge was all about interesting perspectives. For this exercise, I grabbed my wide angle lens (16-35mm) and headed to Pike Place Market with some girlfriends. Our first stop was the infamous gum wall where strings and globs of ABC gum are on display for all to admire in a very odd sort of way. I took a different approach with this image and shot up from under a window to make a couple strings of gum hanging from the ledge appear larger than they were.

Gum Wall

Next we visited Rachel, the iconic bronze cast piggy bank who welcomes people from all over the world to the market. I thought it would be fun to get a wide angle perspective of her face to make her snout seem overly large and a bit silly.


This last shot is an attempt to create the perception of a vanishing point. The parallel lines of the daffodils appear to get closer together the farther away they get. While the lines aren’t quite long enough to create the perception that they will actually touch on the horizon, this was as close as I could get to the concept.
Vanishing Poing

Make sure to continue on through the blog circle, starting with the amazing Catherine McAteer. You’re sure to enjoy her take on “interesting perspectives” with her architecture, art and street photography.


9 thoughts on “{Monthly Challenge} interesting perspectives

  1. Oh the gum wall! What a fantastic idea for a perspective shot- well done! All 3 photos are great examples of an interesting perspective.

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