{Letters to Our Children} January

I am so thrilled to be a part of this project with a wonderful group of women photographers, all of whom have something they want to say to their babies (even if they are no longer babies). It’s never too late to  put your heart on paper (or computer) and let your littles know just what you think of them — even if it’s years from now before they actually read your thoughts. What a treasure to give to them. This is why I am so grateful for this group. Each month throughout 2013, we’ll be posting a letter for our children and will link to each others’ blogs, creating a circle of inspiration. With a daughter and a son, I’ll be switching between the two each month. This month, I’m focusing on my youngest.

Dear Sweet Girl,

What an amazing blessing you are. I sometimes can’t believe how the stars aligned to bring you into our arms. And the reality that you are almost 4 years old already is just mind boggling. I mean, wasn’t it only yesterday that your dad was driving sooooo slooooowwwww down the freeway on our way to the hospital as you were eagerly working your way into this world? (Yes, your father has always been one to abide by the speed limit. This is the one and only time I fault him for that trait.)


My heart is so happy when I think about the person that you are today. I’m not exaggerating when I say you bring a smile to my face every time I look at you (it happens to your dad too). You are simply this amazing little soul who is so full of personality, sweetness and sass. It’s so fun to watch your imagination unfold as you play with your beloved ponies, unicorns, stuffed animals, cars, purses, tiaras, wands, stickers, dolls, and whatever other little trinket you’ve stored away in your drawers and cubbies. I’m always amazed how you incorporate all your favorite things into a magical story where everything can fly and even coins come to life.


My heart melts every time you say, “I lub ewe,” which is often, thank goodness. While I want you to learn and grow, a part of me will be very sad when you learn how to say all your words “correctly.” I know it won’t be long. For you used to refer to Snow White as “No Wipe”, but you have already outgrown that. Your big brown eyes and generous smile captivate all who know you. I am so lucky to be your mamma and have the opportunity to lend a helping hand anytime you need it (even though you often refuse it). I am excited to see who you will become and what your future holds.  My heart is forever with you.

I lub ewe,
Your Mamma


Please continue through this blog circle to read more Letters to Our Children from some amazing mammas starting with Aimee Ford.  She’s a hobbyist photographer with a passion for macro and black & whites, and I know you will enjoy her post.

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15 thoughts on “{Letters to Our Children} January

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  2. Such beautiful words Davina! I still dont correct my seven year old on certain words that he says incorrectly- I think it is my way of trying to keep him from growing up too fast:) Beautiful pictures- she has such a gorgeous smile!!

  3. Awww- I can completely relate on not knowing when the words will be said correctly…love “lub ewe.” Sweet letter, beautiful photos. 🙂

  4. Love your letter to your sweet girl. I’ve done something similar for each of my kids. I keep a notepad in my nightstand and jot down special moments I want to treasure forever. I’ve done this since I was pregnant with both and often find myself reading back 10+ years. Some entries are detailed, some just a quick blip. It’s fun to look back over the years and see the traditions that have developed along the way or funny things the kids have said and done. It’s a crazy journey that I’m so happy to be on each and every day.

  5. ah I love when they say works funnY! My son used to call monsters “Montmers” and even though he doesnt say it anymore, we find ourselves saying it!
    Such adorable photos!

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