{The Way I View} giving thanks

This post marks the first in a monthly series focused on “The Way I View” through my lens. This month’s topic, Thanksgiving, originally had me thinking table settings, turkey, family and all that typically comes with Thanksgiving. But all of that just didn’t seem to produce much when it came to my camera this year. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that slaps me in the face and reminds me that the year is almost at an end, which always seems much too soon. This year is no different. I can’t believe how fast 2012 flew by. I am so thankful for my kids and husband and the many memories we have already made in the relatively short time we’ve been together. It is just going by all too fast for me.Soapy Shower

My daughter’s little hands in this picture look like they are saying “stop!” I couldn’t agree more — stop growing so fast, stop the years from flying by! Note to self: Remember to take in all the little things, like watching my daughter get the biggest thrill out of soaping up the shower walls.

Now go check out the talented Missy Gener of Paper Princess to get her take on the Thanksgiving theme here.


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