Kalaloch 2015

It was a dream come true. I cannot even believe how lucky I was to get to spend a weekend immersing myself in the beauty of the coast and photography bliss with nine other amazing women. We holed up in the quiet town of Kalaloch, nestled along a coastal stretch of the Olympic National Park. We shared friendship, knowledge, inspiration, encouragement and so much more. It’s hard to put into words. I am still in awe how this wonderful mix of women from different parts of the country and Canada came together so seamlessly.

This was the drama that met us when we arrived. We couldn’t have convened in a more gorgeous location.
We all came prepared to teach each other, share ideas and generally open ourselves up to trying new things, including fine art boudoir photography and freelensing. (By the way, if anyone has a lead, I am on the hunt for a cheap Nikon 50mmD to further my new-found love of freelensing.)
We were blessed with incredible weather and scenery.
It was an incredibly soul-filling weekend, so much more-so than I ever imagined. The laughter, kindness and connections we shared will forever be with me. Kate, a huge thank you to you and your family for opening up your home and hearts to all of us. Felicia, thank you for being the magic spark behind this amazing experience. Alice, Carrie, Catherine, Dana, Laura, Jana and Nicole, thank you for sharing so much of yourselves throughout the weekend. I’m so thankful to be able to call each of you my treasured friend.

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{10 on 10} December

It’s hard to believe 2014 is coming to an end and that this is the final post for our lovely, little group’s 10 on 10 project. Ladies, I’ve been in great company. It has been such a joy seeing your adventures from around the world. Thank you so much for allowing me to travel on this journey with you.

Our Saturday, December 6 – Christmas tree hunting! One of our favorite year-end family traditions.

1. Looking for The OneIMG_20772. Found
IMG_20833. Clean cut
IMG_20874. Family selfie
IMG_20935. Fa la la la la, la la la la
IMG_20976. Cookies!
IMG_20997. Hot apple cider – yum!
IMG_21018. All packed up! IMG_21049. Sweet face
IMG_210810. Silly boys

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{10 on 10} November

Our Saturday, November 9. A morning of Little Man’s basketball game. I never thought 2nd grade b-ball would be so fun to watch, but it’s really a hoot. Our afternoon was spent outdoors enjoying the crazy, beautiful weather!

1&2: Little Man going up for the opening tip
IMG_1465 - side by side3: A sideline smile from sis
4: Cheer for the competition
IMG_14875: Pit-stop at the park
IMG_15076: Losing her grip
IMG_15237: Neighborhood bike ride
IMG_15328: My heart-full girl
IMG_1546 9: Our found friend along the way
IMG_155010: Evening learning-to-read games (with big brother help)
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{10 on 10} September

Our Monday, September 1. We spent the holiday with relatives up in Mount Vernon. Baby cows, tractors, dining out and family time. It was so hard to narrow down the many, many pictures I took (did I mention there were baby cows?)! Such a fun way to spend our last day of summer vacation!

1: Breakfast before hitting the roadIMG_96112: Mmmmmmm
3: Baby girl was sooo friendly and loved her neck rub! I love cow noses!
4: Bucket ride!
5: Touring the back yard
6: Thumbs up
7: Farm hands in training
8: Our newest Kindergartener
9: Momma love
10: Peek-a-boo!
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{10 on 10} August

This month’s Ten on Ten (10 photos posted on the 10th of the month) is from our Saturday, August 9. We enjoyed a lazy morning, a little painting, and had an adventure with a neighbor’s chickens we’re caring for over the next week. We also helped hubby get ready for today’s 100-mile Obliteride bike ride in support of the fight against cancer.

Woke up to a couple of kiddos who had snuck in during the wee hours of the morning.IMG_9218Garfield is still his favoriteIMG_9221Painting a cork board for her room
IMG_9243 Tending to a neighbor’s chickens and garden while they are away
IMG_9346IMG_9326IMG_9309IMG_9311IMG_9298IMG_9315Getting Obliteride readyIMG_9319
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{10 on 10} July

This month’s Ten on Ten (10 photos posted on the 10th of the month) is a fairly random selection from our Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Garden harvest
IMG_9015Community fireworks
IMG_8848IMG_8859Late night drive home
IMG_8908Removing her “make-up”
IMG_8940First experience with sparklers
SparklerDale – our weekend visitor
IMG_9012Waterfront view
IMG_8967Backyard beauty
IMG_9052I hope you’ll head on over to Jessica’s blog to see her take on this month’s Ten on Ten and continue through the circle.


{10 on 10} June

It’s time for another installment of Ten on Ten (10 photos from one day posted on the 10th of the month). This was our Saturday, May 24: a wonderfully rickety ride on the North Bend/Snoqualmie historical train with lunch in Snoqualmie and shopping on our return trip to North Bend. It was difficult to narrow down to just 10 images! I’m so glad I handed the camera to my hubby a couple of times and we even got a family shot too!
IMG_7246IMG_7247 copyIMG_7256 copyIMG_7252 copyIMG_7280 copyIMG_7292 copyIMG_7305 copyIMG_7311 copyIMG_7323 copyIMG_7327 copyI hope you’ll head on over to Catherine’s blog to see her inspirational work and continue through the circle until you land back here.


{10 on 10} May

It’s the 10th of May already?? How did that happen? I didn’t get around to doing an honest ten photos on one day this past month, but since I’ve been slowly working on the images from our May 2013 travels around Greece, I thought it would be appropriate to post 10 (plus a few more) of my favorites for this May’s 10 on 10.

Here they are, in no particular order:  sights seen in Nafplio, Athens, Mykonos and SantoriniNafplio Tunnelstreets of greeceIMG_4858IMG_5269IMG_4995 IMG_5105 IMG_5126 IMG_4904 side by sideFlowers Sunrise over churchIMG_5737So there’s my cheater post. I promise to get back on track in June. Now I hope you’ll head on over to Sherri’s blog to see her beautiful work and continue through the circle until you land back here.

{10 on 10} March

Our Saturday, March 2: Seattle Bike Expo at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, LOTS of rain, and dinner with friends in Ballard
shoe ties(My growing-too-fast girl tied her own shoes — first effort all on her own. She had this all done before I even had a chance to think about helping her.)
on the bikekids in front of windowsmilechalkboardboatson the busB with kidsrainfriends are family

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