{10 on 10} July

This month’s Ten on Ten (10 photos posted on the 10th of the month) is a fairly random selection from our Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Garden harvest
IMG_9015Community fireworks
IMG_8848IMG_8859Late night drive home
IMG_8908Removing her “make-up”
IMG_8940First experience with sparklers
SparklerDale – our weekend visitor
IMG_9012Waterfront view
IMG_8967Backyard beauty
IMG_9052I hope you’ll head on over to Jessica’s blog to see her take on this month’s Ten on Ten and continue through the circle.


{10 on 10} June

It’s time for another installment of Ten on Ten (10 photos from one day posted on the 10th of the month). This was our Saturday, May 24: a wonderfully rickety ride on the North Bend/Snoqualmie historical train with lunch in Snoqualmie and shopping on our return trip to North Bend. It was difficult to narrow down to just 10 images! I’m so glad I handed the camera to my hubby a couple of times and we even got a family shot too!
IMG_7246IMG_7247 copyIMG_7256 copyIMG_7252 copyIMG_7280 copyIMG_7292 copyIMG_7305 copyIMG_7311 copyIMG_7323 copyIMG_7327 copyI hope you’ll head on over to Catherine’s blog to see her inspirational work and continue through the circle until you land back here.


{10 on 10} May

It’s the 10th of May already?? How did that happen? I didn’t get around to doing an honest ten photos on one day this past month, but since I’ve been slowly working on the images from our May 2013 travels around Greece, I thought it would be appropriate to post 10 (plus a few more) of my favorites for this May’s 10 on 10.

Here they are, in no particular order:  sights seen in Nafplio, Athens, Mykonos and SantoriniNafplio Tunnelstreets of greeceIMG_4858IMG_5269IMG_4995 IMG_5105 IMG_5126 IMG_4904 side by sideFlowers Sunrise over churchIMG_5737So there’s my cheater post. I promise to get back on track in June. Now I hope you’ll head on over to Sherri’s blog to see her beautiful work and continue through the circle until you land back here.

{10 on 10} March

Our Saturday, March 2: Seattle Bike Expo at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, LOTS of rain, and dinner with friends in Ballard
shoe ties(My growing-too-fast girl tied her own shoes — first effort all on her own. She had this all done before I even had a chance to think about helping her.)
on the bikekids in front of windowsmilechalkboardboatson the busB with kidsrainfriends are family

I hope you’ll continue through the blog circle to see some more beautiful Ten on Ten images starting with the super talented Jessica Thomason.

{10 on 10} February

Our Saturday, February 1, the day prior to SuperBowl Sunday: play date for Little Miss, Pinewood Derby car weigh-in, Subway lunch, local Lego building event, and night shooting on Alki beach to capture some of the Seahawks 12th Man spirit in the Seattle skyline.
M and M with toys for webM and M for webderby cars for web with wmSubway for web with wmBuilding legos bw for web w wmLego building for web w wmLego ship for web with wmDaddy and M for web w wmCityscape for web w wmAlki - Seattle Waterfront for web w wmI hope you’ll continue through the blog circle to see some more beautiful Ten on Ten images starting with Seattle Family Photographer, Yi Li Photography.

{10 on 10} January

With my Project 365 complete (yay, I made it the whole year, though a few days here and there never got posted to my website; and well, to be truthful, some may still be waiting to be processed from their raw existence), I am excited to move on to a couple of new projects in 2014. One of those projects is called a 10 on 10. On the 10th of each month, some really inspiring photographer friends and I will post 10 images taken during one day — a bit of a mini day-in-the-life perspective. You’ll be able to click through each of our blogs to see how we tackle our everydays. I might have a slight fear that I’ll be taking the same images each month — we are THAT monotonous!

I wanted to do this project because it was such a different approach from what I was tackling with my Project 365 — one shot every day. I love telling stories and multiple images makes our story come to life that much more, especially when you don’t have the intensity of daily shooting. (But I did really love doing a 365.)

So here we are at the beginning of 2014…Little Man is a couple months into 7, Little Miss is about to turn 5, our big, fat kitty is 16 and our sweet Lucy girl (Lab mix) will turn 1 in a couple months. My hubby is the most supportive, loving being in my life. And I’m not just saying that because he reads my blog. We have a lot happening in 2014 and I look forward to continuing to share our journey here.

First up… Costco.
collageNow, please visit my friend Carrie’s blog to see her beautiful images and continue on through the circle.


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